Thursday, July 11, 2013

Social Awareness

"No, we shoot at Native Americans. "

Yeah, I said that. My sons were pretending they were Lone Ranger-inspired cowboys defending a fort along a popular trail near our house. They were "shooting" bad guys with their imaginary rifles and decided that cowboys fought against Indians. That's why they were yelling "shoot the Indians" just as a sweet family rode by on their bikes.  A family that was unfortunately from India. Which is why I told the boys that they meant Native Americans, not Indians.  And then I tried to explain that we really don't pretend to shoot Native Americans, either. In fact, let's just stick to "bad guys" and leave specific people groups out of it. And then I realized that the family was long gone (probably totally frightened by my white supremacist children) and that my kids were now looking for bugs and no one was listening anymore. So, parenting win right there.  I'm not even sure where they got their information about the Wild West, but I think it's mostly from displays at the Lego store.

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